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Turned in to a little stinky pants gamer when I couldn’t hold it anymore

Looks like I might be about to use this diaper for it’s intended purpose…

Just one of my favorite past times….diapered gaming. More to this mini set tomorrow! Sorry for me inability to keep up with this on a regular basis. But you guys will be set for the next couple days at least :)

Do you have a mummy or daddy ?? As I would love to be your mummy :((

I don’t have a mommy or daddy. Have always thought it would be cool to have a cute diaper loving girl come along…but I don’t get out much and there aren’t a whole lot of girls going around advertising that they’re ab/dl friendly.

Could we cuddle in diapers together

If you’re a cute twenty something girl we could….if you’re a dude then I think not…

Where do you by your diapers and what brand can you buy in public that looks like the blue plastic backed one

The blue plastic backed once are really crappy (no pun intended). They can be bought on AB universe. They’re the cheap ones…think they’re called breeyo now. Used to be assurance (or assure). Either way the mediums are white and sized very poorly. Way smaller than they claim. They are really cheap and loud. But not even good for wetting.

The aftermath of not being able to hold it any longer

I needed to wet AND mess though. Didn’t hold it too much longer.

Proving that I was clean all around. Clean and Comfy.

Waistbands always peeking out :P

Trying to nap like a baby, not too comfy….But it was worth a shot

taking diaper selfies with a real camera just looks funny.